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Chronologizing Modern Art
The below timeline summarizes the major movements, sometimes referred to as "schools" of art, along with key artists over the past century and a half. The more general term "Fine Arts" refers to painting and sculpture. However, in somewhat of a return to eightieth century practice, many modern movements include additional disciplines like architecture, industrial design and performing arts.

Chronologizing Modern Art

This chronology is deliberately intended to be less than all-inclusive. Since Proto-Impressionism, there has been more than 150 art movements. Some were brief and evolved to become new schools. Others were mere trends, which either fell by the wayside or diminished to become style descriptions. Nevertheless, every attempt has been made here to include key movements that continue to have lasting impact as well as lesser ones too compelling to ignore.

The artists themselves would often times drop association and create or migrate to new schools with philosophies more closely aligned to their own. You will therefore notice many artists repeated within multiple movements.

Finally, for clarification, the term "Modern Art" is indicative to all art movements since the Industrial Revolution and Impressionism. A few movements have been open-dated as "ongoing." However, this is not an attempt to chronologize contemporary artwork or all schools of art since the turn of the twenty-first century. That would be subject to a future effort.

Modern Art Timeline


Art movements and artist names are hyperlinked for additional click-through information. Mousing over a select item of interest will produce a hyperlink. Upon clicking, a new browser instance will open. It does this so you may return to the main page, without losing the item(s) you have selected for review or further study.

Note: Artist links appear in non-partial, alphabetical order. To save space only last names are visible. Subsequently, a few of the artists listed have repeating surnames. Confirm full names by clicking on artist links to view detailed biographies.  

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